Companies don't built great things, people do.


We will provide new insights on how to look at organisational strategy from a coaching perspective and how to coach the individuals that make up these organisations to recognise their unique contributions, work together more efficiently and deliver optimal results.


Participate in this interactive workshop about team dynamics, coaching dilemmas, and insights into the person within an organisations strategy. In collaboration with HUMANINSIGHT, we will provide you with knowledge about coaching, research, assessments, team interaction and the individuals role in the group.

The dynamics that people bring to the table when collaborating together can lead to great things. However, from a coaching perspective we see that there are different external aspects that can have an impact on the quality of interaction between people. During this session Paul van Geyt, Filip Fiers and Richard Robertson will guide you through a process where they show the importance of growth-fases of an organisation and the impact this has on teams collaborating with each other. This session will be an evidence-based and hands-on experience where attendees will partake in different coaching interventions. This session will explain cognitive diversity, describe what it can do for team performance, and explore how it is linked to organisational strategy and growth.


What you can expect from this workshop:

  • Gaining insights in the importance of cognitive and strategic diversity

  • The optimal contribution of people to organisations in transition

  • How team diversity can have influence on your coach interventions


The Speakers:


Filip Fiers, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF) - Systemic Team Coach - Developing generations of resilient professionals and teams.

Executive coaching with a managerial focus.
Team coaching with a collective, systemic approach.
Focus on supporting organizations, teams and individuals in achieving their strategic, tactical and operational goals.
Main purpose is to make companies, departments and people successful by means of installing fundamental focus, collaboration and processes.


Paul Van Geyt, MCC

Master Certified Coach (ICF) - Executive Coach. Passionate about people and innovative human development ideas. Aiming for business impact and result. Developing generations of resilient professionals and teams able to cope with future challenges.

Specialties: Executive Coaching, Hogan Assessment and Team Development Skills for Managers


Richard Robertson, partner at Human Insight

Social and Organisational psychologist, having graduated cum laude in 2012 from Leiden University. 

Working first at Nyenrode Business University in facilitating coaching and educating executive professionals and now partner at Human Insight, he has worked with coaches and in a coaching capacity for the last six years. His main interest is organisational ecology, a field he uses to guide others in recognising their natural strengths, preferences, behavioural patterns and optimal contributions.

His strength lies in his ability to “bridge analytical thinking with a social attitude”: using his scientific interests to help others make the biggest impact they can.

ICF Belgium

Presented by Richard Robertson, Filip Fiers PCC & Paul Van Geyt MCC

When? On Sep 20, 2019
From 09:30 to 12:30

Where?, Antwerpen
Van Immerseelstraat 66 - 2018 Antwerpen

Member : Free
Corporate : Free
Student : Free
Non member : €20.00
Core competencies : 0.75
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