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Although we are designed to be an integrated unit consisting of mind, body and spirit, early emotionally damaging messages and experiences are incorporated into our belief system and disrupts the unity. Emotional harm is caused by the lack of freedom or empowerment of a small child to respond to emotional pain.  This pain is experienced in the Core part of being described by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.  The defense system, defined by the Enneagram, tries to limit the emotional damage and provide coping skills.  This system of defense encapsulates and provides emotional protection but, in so doing, erects a barrier between our gifts, talents and wisdom and our ability to implement them.  This, in turn, results in our living largely out of the subconscious defense system of the Enneagram.  Rational decisions are made from the left brain using the MBTI cognitive functions; however, much of our lives are controlled by our subconscious Enneagram defense traits which easily take control before conscious thinking becomes involved.  Because of this, many people find they identify more readily with their Enneagram designation than their MBTI® type. These two aspects of personality will be demonstrated through experiential exercises. 

Take aways

  1. You will be given an overview of the 3Keys model and a working understanding of the roles of the MBTI® and the Enneagram in personality structure.  
  2. You will learn the reasons for internal conflicts and confusing or seemingly irrational behaviours.
  3. You will learn that you can spot the emotional defense tactics of yourself, your clients and others, so you can choose to stay objective and respond in the most resourceful and effective way possible. 
  4. You will uncover an example of your own subconscious programming.

ICF Competencies:

Coaching Presence

Active Listening

Creating Awareness


The speaker: Pat Wyman

M.Ed., LPC (Licensed Professional Counsellor), Author

Pat Wyman has been a therapist in private practice specializing in deep emotional healing for more than 25 years. She is an internationally recognized expert on the combined use of the MBTI® instrument and the Enneagram and  the founder of 3Keys International Association. Her book is published by CAPT, “Three Keys to Self-Understanding: An Innovative and Effective Combination of the MBTI®, the Enneagram and Inner-Child Healing.”

CCEUs: 0.75 Core Competencies + 0.75 Resource Development



Présenté par Pat Wyman

Quand ? Le 23 avr. 2019
De 20:00 à 21:30

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