< Reflective practice is the bridge between knowledge & wisdom >

Working 1:1 or together with others in a group supervision can help coaches  illuminate and unlock new understanding. As an experienced coach you will have developed a range of tools and techniques to help your clients and their organisations. The nature of coaching as a confidential practice helping clients discover more about themselves and what they can do is mainly done on our own, behind closed doors and in private.

Coaching supervision is an invitation to a coach to generative and emergent conversations which can allow the coach essential space and time to explore who they are and how they show up in their work, the opportunity to connect with what works and learn what could be even better, and identify new learning for themselves whilst attending to their own self care for the work.



Join us for this developmental day! We will focus on a range of creative practices in supervision. This is an experiential day and there will be lots of opportunities to try out several different methodologies all designed to uncover insights and connections that will resource you in your practice. The cycle will provide continuing coaching education units (CCEUs of ICF).

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WHEN? 6 February – 9 March – 2 April – 4 May – 4 June – 2 July

HOW? 1 full day (6 Feb.) + 5 half days

WHERE? Nova Terra Coaching premises (1589D Chaussée de Waterloo 1180 Uccle - Brussels)

Coach Education

Présenté par Feryal Hassaïne (Nova Terra) , Karyn Prentice & Elaine Patterson (Patterson Prentice Designs)

Quand ? Du 6 févr. 2020 au 2 juil. 2020
De 09:30 à 17:00

Où ? Bruxelles / Brussels
1589D chaussée de Waterloo 1180 Uccle, Bruxelles

Prix : 1 265,00 €
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