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Ready for a more organized, productive, and profitable use of your time? Would you like to experience the sense of peace and

confidence that comes with knowing exactly how to spend your time for the success your desire?

Mastering your schedule and actions may very well be the most critical element of business success! 17-year business coach, Michael Charest, draws on the famous “Stephen Covey Time Management System” and customizes it for the sales & marketing element of a coach’s business!

This is a fast-paced, highly-interactive, and comprehensive  presentation.


You will leave with your personalized time management blueprint for business success!

Learning points.

  • NINE core activities you should be spending your time on weekly

  • The “Optimal Time Allotment” for each on a daily and weekly basis

  • How to schedule them into your calendar SO THAT YOU DO THEM !

  • Bonus: What not to be doing and a clever “ROI” for releasing them!

Michael Charest

Is a 17-year veteran business coach, consultant, author, and speaker. He specializes in helping solo and micro businesses attract more clients, grow their businesses, and live the prosperous life they deserve! Michael has coached more than 480 individual and 1,500 small group clients, delivered more than 100 live talks and webinars, produced and delivered 30 live seminars, recorded 80 audio programs, written more than 1,200 pages of business content as well as a self-help book, From Grunt to Greatness!

 http://michaelrockscoaching.com        michael@michaelrockscoaching.com


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Présenté par Michael Charest, Veterans Business Coach and Author

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