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Coaching skills or competencies are well defined and measurable with specific markers.

In this presentation (in English), Alain will answer the following question, “What are specific markers for systemic coaching skills, behavioral markers to measure these skills, training opportunities to develop these skills in every coaching relationships?”

Alain Cardon

Alain is a Master Certified Coach (ICF), CEO of “Metasysteme Coaching” SAS in France and SRL in Romania. He is also owner of two ACSTH Coach-Training Programs. Alain is also the author of seven published books on coaching and change management.

ICF Core Competencies

Systemic skills apply to all 11 ICF Competencies (including Ethics), contracting, trust and intimacy, listening, powerful questioning, direct language, action planning, etc.


Systemic Coaching Skills

Le 8 oct. 2018 de 20:00 à 21:30

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